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Wondering what to do on your next holiday? 

Let's go to explore the sights and attractions of Sumatra  Indonesia with our licensed

Mount Kerinci Guide 

   Mount Kerinci      Gunung Tujuh     

Kerinci Seblat National Park    Lake Kaco     Rawa Bento


Mount Kerinci

Mount Kerinci (3805m) the highest active volcano in West Sumatra. An extraordinary trekking experiece.


Gunung Tujuh

Gunung Tujuh Lake (2732m) the highest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. One of the best location for trekking.


Kerinci Seblat National Park

The largest national park in Sumatra. A great place for wildlife lover, jungle trekking, birdwatching and tiger spotting.


Danau Kaco

A great masterpiece of nature having blue water color with contrasts with the green foliage of trees around.


Rawa Bento

Boating along the Swan Forest. Discover the wild animals and floral villas. Overlooking the view of Mount Kerinci.  


Kerinci View


Carefree accommodation, located at Pelompek Pasar. Easy to access to Mount Kerinci, Gunung Tujuh and Rawa Bento. 

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Mount Kerinci Trekking founded in 2004, we have served over a thousand of travelers, groups and organizations.

Each day we put a lot of effort in bringing our guests a happy and memorable trip.

We offer the one-stop service for our mountain trekking program, city tour,  transportation and homestay service, providing safe and quality service for you.

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Abd Rapani

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What People Say about Mount Kerinci Trekking
Rated Best Mount Kerinci Guide

Mount Kerinci's charm lies in its serenity and natural beauty

 The trail was pretty steep from shelter 2 onwards and the summit climb was especially challenging due to the rain and strong winds. However, the views of Gunung Tujuh and Gunung Tujuh Lake were absolutely worth it.I highly recommend to engage a guide who can arrange your 2-way transport from Padang airport (7hrs away) as well as your accommodation for the nights before and after the climb.

Mount Kerinin Trekking

The convenience and comfort was greatly appreciated

This is really adventurous. One should really do this mountain. The vegetation is thick from the beginning till shelter 2. From shelter 3, the shrubs start and it goes on decreasing. There are hardly any plants as you go further up. The view from top was mind-boggling. I would definitely recommend this trek to those who are looking for adventure.

Mount Kerinci Trekking

This is really adventurous. One should really do this mountain.

The first step from starting point to pos1 is not so hard to hiking, but from pos2 to pos3 I can say is very hard to walk and hiking. So, we stayed at pos3 because in the early morning, we no need to wake up early. So, I wake up 3.30 am, we leaved tent on 04.30 and finally I done on 5.50. I can say is not too hard from pos3 to summit for me. I absolutely sure I will be back to hiking here again..."

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